Andre Holland Set To Star In Damien Chazelle's Upcoming Netflix Series 'The Eddy'

For Damien Chazelle’s next project, he’s going full-on sci-fi, with an interstellar space opera with a cast of hundreds focusing on the struggle of dueling dynasties attempting to colonize the various planets. Ha! Just kidding. The filmmaker’s upcoming Netflix series is about a struggling jazz musician trying to figure out his life. Oh, but this time he’s in France!

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Deadline is reporting that work on “The Eddy” is moving full-steam ahead with Chazelle bringing on actor Andre Holland to star in the series. According to the report, “The Eddy” is an eight-episode series that will follow a high-profile New York City jazz musician (Holland) that is now hiding from everyone in Paris, where he owns a failing club and is attempting to figure out life with his 15-year-old daughter. The series will be shot in France and will appeal to Netflix’s multi-cultural, global worldview by having French and Arabic be spoken, as well as English.

Holland is, of course, best known for his breakout role in “Moonlight.” However, he’s also known for roles in “The Knick” and recently in “High Flying Bird” and “Castle Rock.”

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Chazelle is obviously known for his acclaimed films “Whiplash” and “La La Land,” and most recently released “First Man.” He is on board to direct the first two episodes of “The Eddy,” with Jack Thorne and Alan Poul picking up the duties for the rest of the series. Thorne also wrote six of the eight scripts.

There’s no reported release date for the series, but production will likely go forward this year, with a 2020 release also likely.