Apple Formally Orders New Mystery Series 'Sugar' With Colin Farrell

What’s the verdict on Colin Farrell‘s recent foray into television? On the one hand, there’s season two of “True Detective,” a let-down after the riveting first season; but that’s not Farrell’s fault. Then there’s the BBCThe North Water” from last year, an acclaimed but underseen miniseries with Farrell as the show’s vicious villain Henry Drax. And as fans of “The Batman” await Farrell’s return as The Penguin in the HBO Max spin-off to the film, the actor adds another TV series to his list of upcoming projects.

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Variety reports that Apple has finally formally ordered the drama series “Sugar,” set to star Farrell, after they won a bid for the show last December. Plot details for the show remain under wraps, but the LA-set story is a genre-bending, modern take on a classic private detective story. So, imagine Farrell as J.J. Gittes instead of Jack Nicholson in a “Chinatown” set today. That sounds like an intriguing premise.

Also intriguing are the other people on board for the series.  Mark Protosevich, who wrote screenplays for the experimental serial killer movie “The Cell,” “I Am Legend,” and Spike Lee‘s 2013 “Oldboy‘ remake, pens the series. And “City Of God” director Fernando Meirelles will direct the series. The show is Meirelles’s first project since 2019’s “The Two Popes.”

Farrell, Meirelles, and Protosevich serve as executive producers with Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon of Genre Films. It’s Kinberg and Genre Film’s second series for Apple after “Invasion,” a sci-fi drama that just got renewed for a second season last December.  Scott Greenberg and Chip Vucelich also serve as executive producers.

So, get ready for another series starring Colin Farrell in the next couple of years. Farrell’s already had a stellar 2022 with “The Batman” and Kogonada‘s “After Yang,” but he has two other films this year, too. First, Ron Howard‘s “Thirteen Lives” comes out in limited release and streams on Amazon Prime Video in August. Then, in October, he reunites with “In Bruges” co-star Brendan Gleeson in Martin McDonagh‘s latest, “The Banshees Of Inisherin.” More Colin Farrell is never a bad thing.