‘Dolittle’ Keeps Disappointing, While Surprising Box Office Success Turns ‘Bad Boys’ Into Bad Men

Who says remakes to decades-old franchises can’t be good? Well, sure, quite a few of them are. But sometimes a sequel comes along that proves there’s still life in its characters, and in the case of “Bad Boys for Life” that Will Smith can still be in a well-received box office success.

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Let’s be honest, expectations for “Bad Boys for Life” the third movie in the franchise originated by Michael Bay, and starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence weren’t high. In a surprising move, though, the film debuted to positive reviews, earning a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that box office numbers are in, the film continues to surprise, having grossed an unexpected $73.4 million over the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, including $62.2 million for the three days, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This makes the film Sony’s biggest R-rated bow, continuing Sony’s winning streak following “Jumanji: The Next Level” and “Little Women.”

This is certainly good news for Will Smith, who hasn’t had a film with both box office and critical success, especially after the bid-budget flop of “Gemini Man.”

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Speaking of big-budget flops, Robert Downey Jr. didn’t enjoy the same level of success this weekend, as Universal’s “Dolittle” which cost an estimated $175 million, took a disappointing $29.5 million for the four-day weekend, including just $21.9 million for the weekend proper. The film also got a low 19% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the lowest-rated movie for the former Marvel star since 2003’s “Gothika” (even “The Shaggy Dog” got a 26% fresh, and that movie is terrible).

Speaking of disappointments, Forbes is reporting that “The Rise of Skywalker” has been in an “absolute free fall” the past few weekends, with a 93.1% drop from opening weekend, compared to “The Last Jedi” at 93.4% and “The Force Awakens” at 86.7% by this point in their theatrical runs. In response, Disney pulled “The Rise of Skywalker” out of over 1200 theaters across the country. Turns out the dead don’t speak, but only whisper.

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Here’s the full top 10 for January 17 to January 19:

1. Bad Boys for Life – $62.1M (Debut)

2. Dolittle – $21.95M (Debut)

3. 1917 – $22M ($81.4M Overall)

4. Jumanji: The Next Level – $9.68M (273.7M)

5. The Rise of Skywalker – $8.3M ($494.1M)

6. Little Women – $6.35M ($66.7M)

7. Just Mercy – $5,77M (21.1M)

8. Knives Out – $4.3M ($147M)

9. Frozen II – $3.9M ($466.5M)

10. Like A Boss – $4M ($17.9M)