Bill Murray On Congenial Relationship With McG: "He Deserves To Die"

The bad juju on the notoriously fractious set of “Charlie’s Angels” is almost the stuff of legend.

And this is just us extrapolating everything we’ve heard and read on the situation (which is a significant amount), but it appears that Bill Murray was somehow convinced to appear in the McG-directed picture as Bosley (probably because of the charming and sweet Drew Barrymore) and then pretty much instantly regretted it when he got to the shoot, probably realizing he had somehow agreed to star in pretty vapid and pointless remake of a ’70s TV show.

Because once he got there, the gruff, infamously don’t-give-a-fuck star started butting heads with people, both literally and figuratively. He loathed Lucy Liu, would drop insults to her face about her acting inability and according to McG, Murray actually headbutted him on the set.

But Murray was recently asked about the headbutting incident, something that McG only first talked about publicly during the press for “Terminator Salvation” and denied it.

“It’s bullshit,” he told Female First during “Fantastic Mr. Fox” press in the U.K. “That’s complete crap. I don’t know why he made that story up. He has a very active imagination.”

McG at the time said all film sets have tension. “I don’t think there’s been a film I’ve made where there hasn’t been some kind of physical fight.”

But the actor also says that next time he sees McG he’s going to bury the hatchet, plant a sloppy wet kiss on his face, and then make-up and perhaps go out for some brewskis afterwards. “He deserves to die,” Murray said. “He should be pierced with a lance, not headbutted.”

LOL. Classic. Someone will surely ask McG about this soon. Can’t wait to hear his response.