'Bottle Rocket' Short Was Possibly 30 Minutes Long? Footage Lost

What, going here again? Well, we might as well be completists. Obsessive fans bemoaning the fact that all the deleted scenes on the “Bottle Rocket” Criterion Collection DVD aren’t present (on the commentary track Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson talk about at least three more scenes that aren’t available on the disc and some shown for a few brief seconds), can groan a little more.

Anderson talk to the Onion A/V Club about “The Bottle Rocket” re-release (no new movie news, sorry) and said the 13-minute black-and-white short was possibly even 30 minutes longer at one point, but was cut way down. Anderson hoped to include that footage on the Criterion release (a small fraction of it is in the making-of-documentary including a fight scene not in the short), but wasn’t able to find it.

“We actually shot more. The short has quite a bit of stuff that was cut out of it. I think at one point it was more like 30 minutes or something, and we cut it down. I tried to find all that footage to put it on the DVD, but it never turned up. My mother was looking through closets and searching everywhere, and we just never could find that stuff.”

Somewhere, someone in the United States is crying (they’re probably in our comments section). The soundtrack to the short (which features a lot of classic jazz tracks), which was never-before-released until it came out on the just-released Criterion disc, is also finally coming out and it hits digitally on December 9 via Fantasy/Concord Records.