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On this episode, I’m joined by Clint Worthington (Consequence of Sound, The Spool) to discuss “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which hit Netflix over the weekend. It’s been six years since Vince Gilligan‘s groundbreaking series concluded, and its mixture of crime drama and western – characterized by beautiful locales, startling violence, gallows humor, montages, time-lapses, and well-tuned needle drops – arguably made ‘Bad’ one of the first binge-worthy series of the modern streaming era (the viewership grew exponentially in its final seasons, thanks to its availability on Netflix).

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Gilligan returned to write and direct “El Camino,” which serves as an epilogue to the series and focuses on Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) fate after being freed from captivity at the end of the series. As usual, we divide this discussion into a non-spoiler and spoiler section, but even in the non-spoiler section, we do spoil the entirety of the “Breaking Bad” series. If you somehow missed the series during its initial run, are planning to watch it, or are in the midst of binging it in anticipation of “El Camino,” anything during those five seasons are fair game in the discussion (Also, be sure to check out Clint’s definitive ranking of all the “Cold Opens” in “Breaking Bad”).

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