Brett Ratner Continues Reign Of Horrible Ideas: Wants To Do A Joker Spin-Off

God, someone muzzle Brett Ratner, before one of the stupider suits at Warner Bros. hears him and thinks, “hey, yeah, that could make us a bundle of money! The dbad fauxter, think that a Joker spin-off movie would be a great idea, and hey, no problem if Heath Ledger is dead, why not get someone like Robert Downey Jr. to play him?

“As a kid, Batman was my thing,” Ratner told MTV’s Splashpage. “I’m a little jealous that I didn’t get to direct it, although Nolan did a great job. But there are so many characters in the Batman series, so many characters that I love, that the opportunities for spin-offs are endless.”

B-Rat continued.

“Heath was great, but the Joker is a great villain. That’s why Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger had so much to work with. And I think there will be another actor who can interpret that. It would be great to see [Robert] Downey [Jr.] as the Joker, for instance.”

He also thinks more X-Men spinoffs should happen like one for the character Storm played by Halle Berry. Dear, god. Someone take this man out, stat. We’re not ‘Dark Knight’ disciples by any stretch of the imagination, but Ledger nailed the part and we’d be happy if no one ever played the Joker again. There’s no need.