Compare: 'Bottle Rocket' Feature To Short

We don’t have a comparative excerpt from the “Bottle Rocket” feature, but presumably you’ve seen it by now and know it well. If you haven’t seen the black-and-white 11-minute “Bottle Rocket” short that’s featured on the Criterion Collection edition of the DVD that comes out today, note the similarities in the opening scenes, especially the robbery of Anthony’s house, the post-mortem at lunch and the selecting gun sequences.

Wes Anderson sticks really closely to what he shot in the short and we thought we’d illustrate some side-by-side photos and then video of the short for you to compare to [ed. we went screencap crazy, what are we gonna do with all this stuff? We need someway to contextualize it all, no?]

Here’s a clip from the “Bottle Rocket” short. The song, btw, is “The Chant” by Artie Shaw.