Dakota Johnson Makes Her Directorial Debut With The New Coldplay Music Video

No, we’re not going to get deep into the romantic relationship between Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. We’ll leave that to the TMZ’s of the world. But it is important to note the connection between the two as a probably large inspiration for why Johnson decided to make her directorial debut with the aforementioned band’s latest music video for “Cry, Cry, Cry.”

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With an assist by co-director Cory Bailey, Johnson steps behind the camera of the new music video that finds Coldplay performing a bit of a doo wop-influenced song on stage while a man and woman (Meshach Henry and Ida Saki, respectively) dance their hearts out over the course of what seems like decades, from young love all the way until old age. It’s a cute concept and fits the song itself quite well.

Dakota Johnson hasn’t been really vocal about her bigger directorial aspirations. Will she helm a feature film soon? Who knows? But this does show that maybe she got bit by the directing bug just a little and is testing the waters with a music video.

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Johnson has been making some really intriguing career choices, as of late. After starring in the blockbuster ‘50 Shades’ franchise, she’s gone on to star in films such as “A Bigger Splash” and “Suspiria” from director Luca Guadagnino, as well as projects like “Bad Times at the El Royale” (where she plays a gun-wielding badass) and “The Peanut Butter Falcon” (one of 2019’s most underrated films). And in 2020, she’s already been seen in the Sundance film “The Nowhere Inn,” where she plays a version of herself.

Needless to say, Johnson has been on a pretty great career trajectory. So, why not take the time to direct a music video for Coldplay?

You can watch the video below.