James Gunn Says He's Talked To Marvel & DC About A Harley Quinn/Groot Spin-Off Movie

With the release of “The Suicide Squad” on the horizon, James Gunn looks to be batting successfully for both of comic books’ ‘Big Two,’ having made two “Guardians of the Galaxy” films (with an upcoming third) for Marvel Studios, and now a sequel to Warner Bros and DC Comics’ “Suicide Squad,” which seemed to take cues from Gunn’s sci-fi megahit. That seems to be the basis for how conversations have gravitated about whether Gunn could connect the two competitors for whatever reason. 

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Speaking to Jake Hamilton (see below), when asked about whether he had considered a crossover between Marvel and DC (something that has been done several times in comics, between individual team-ups and JLA/Avengers crossovers), Gunn, clearly amped by the idea, responded: “I would be really happy to do a Harley Quinn and Groot movie, that’d be exciting for me.” He continued, “and not only have I thought about that, but I’ve actually talked about that with the heads of both Marvel and DC. But you know, they know everybody’s open to everything, though whether anything would ever happen, who knows.” 

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Word spread that he had pitched this to Marvel and DC. Gunn then disputed such a thing was in motion on Twitter, stating that it was “a little out of context” before elaborating that he had not pitched the idea to DC and had “maybe floated the idea of a Harley-Groot movie” to Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege. However, he had taken the idea of a general Marvel and DC crossover to studio execs for both. Whatever the case, people are apparently excited by the idea that multiverses and such present the opportunity to mash even more action figure characters together. That said, this writer wouldn’t be opposed to Quinn hanging out with the Looney Tunes or something, which makes just about as much, if not more sense.