James Gunn Reinvents ‘The Suicide Squad’ With A Dose Of Humanity

David Ayer, who? If you’re the folks at Warner Bros. and DC Films, that’s the exact question they want audiences to ask after seeing James Gunn’s latest film, “The Suicide Squad.” Though Ayer did, technically, make a “Suicide Squad” film back in 2016 (though it might not conform to his exact vision), the studio behind that feature is hoping you have selective amnesia and embrace what is happening in Gunn’s reinvention of the misfit supervillain troupe, Task Force X.

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In this episode of The Playlist Podcast, we’re once again joined by Rodrigo Perez to talk about the latest film in the DCEU, “The Suicide Squad.” Did James Gunn succeed where David Ayer couldn’t? Are you going to believe Polka-Dot Man and Ratcatcher 2 are two of the best characters in modern superhero films? We dive deep into the new film and talk about all that and much more.

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So, if you’re interested in our spoiler-filled discussion of all things “The Suicide Squad,” including Gunn’s musical choices, the “Deadpool 2”-ness of the opening scene, the fact there’s now a superhero film with a third act that lives up to the spectacle, whether Idris Elba is better than Will Smith, and more, you can hear us debate it all below:

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