Jordan Vogt-Roberts To Helm Netflix’s Upcoming Live-Action ‘Gundam’ Film From Legendary

Legendary has to be feeling pretty good about itself right now. The studio behind the MonsterVerse just struck gold with the recently-released “Godzilla vs. Kong,” which has not only been a massive hit on HBO Max but also already earned more than $357 million worldwide after a few weeks in theaters. And riding high on the MonsterVerse success, it appears Legendary is ready to go back to the well of massive, skyscraper-sized robots. But not in a new “Pacific Rim” film, but instead, in a brand-new, live-action “Gundam” film.

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According to Netflix, the streaming giant is going to be the home for Legendary’s upcoming live-action “Gundam” adaptation that will be directed by MonsterVerse alum, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film is an adaptation of the “Gundam” franchise that has spanned dozens of TV series, films, manga, and video games over the decades. The film will feature massive mechs piloted by humans, as they fight in massive military-esque battles.

Honestly, sometimes when a studio announces a film and a director, you’re left scratching your head in confusion. That is most definitely not the case with Vogt-Roberts and “Gundam.” Not only has the filmmaker proven himself as the man behind the best MonsterVerse entry to date, “Kong: Skull Island,” but his love of sci-fi, videogames, and action makes him just the dream director for a live-action “Gundam.”

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Of course, that isn’t to say that a “Gundam” film is automatically going to be great. In fact, much like video game adaptations, live-action versions of anime franchises are incredibly difficult to figure out. We’ve seen MonsterVerse director Adam Wingard try his best with “Death Note,” which wasn’t well-received upon its release. Not to mention, the biggest Hollywood attempt, “Ghost in the Shell,” has gone down as a cautionary tale for studios that want to adapt anime for live-action features.

But, again, if anyone can do it well, you have to assume it’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts. No release date has been set for “Gundam.”