The Last Word On 'Fox' Imbroglio?

All the hub-bub made between Wes Anderson and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” cinematographer Tristan Oliver? Anderson has replied once more, this time to the L.A. Times who started the whole fuss.

Anderson admits that he and Oliver butted heads, but says it’s part of the creative process. He doesn’t really let him off the hook for his comments though, calling them, “unprofessional.”

He’s right, but he loses us when he tries to argue that the word “sociopath” — one of the epithets Oliver lobbied at him — “has a somewhat different meaning in England than in America.” Uhh, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t, but whatever. All seems good in the good. Or the fox hole, what have you.

Wes’ last word is this: “I’m annoyed, but Tristan is really good and I like him and I could go back and work with him again.” One of our contributors reviewed the film in London earlier this week and gave it a mostly positive review calling it a minor work, but an enjoyable one.