‘Lynch/Oz’ Poster Debut: Alexandre O. Philipp Examines David Lynch’s Obsession With ‘Wizard Of Oz’ [Tribeca Exclusive]

Alexandre O. Philippe is no stranger to the film festival circuit. Previous films, such as “Hitchcock’s Shower Scene” and “The Taking” have played at Sundance, Venice, and BFI London. Now, he brings his latest documentary “Lynch/Oz” to Tribeca 2022. 

Philippe has made quite the name for himself by developing his own brand of “cinema essay” by taking viewers deep into their favorite films in his exploration of the art of filmmaking. This theme continues with his tenth feature film. “Lynch/Oz” examines how the things we love make us who we are and how they influence our work. 

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Some would argue that David Lynch taps into themes, images, and ideas that typically stem from the classic Victor Fleming film “The Wizard of Oz.” This comparison is the bases of Philippe’s film and attempts to answer the question “Is David Lynch stuck in the land of Oz?” Through six different perspectives, “Lynch/Oz” will take audiences through the symbolism and the parallels between the two.

Those six perspectives are some of Hollywood’s most exciting voices– John Waters, Karyn Kusama, David Lowery,Rodney Ascher, Amy Nicholson, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead. Each of the aforementioned brings their own analysis to the subject to attempt to answer the question of inspiration. 

UK-based Dogwoof distributes the film, which happens to be their third collaboration with Philippe. Premiering tonight, June 9, 2022, “Lynch/Oz” is one of the most highly-anticipated to screen at Tribeca. Ahead of the screening, we are pleased to debut the poster for the film. Check it out below.

Lynch/Oz poster