Attention Netflix subscribers that are obsessed with Quentin Tarantino! We are here to tell you about your new plans for the evening. Sure, you’ve probably all seen “The Hateful Eight” by now. The Tarantino film, that was nominated for three Oscars (winning for Best Score), was released almost four years ago and has been on home video/VOD for almost as long. However, unless you’re one of the lucky ones that saw the 70mm limited edition print back in 2015, Netflix has finally released a treat for you — “The Hateful Eight: Extended Edition.” And not only that, the streaming service has gone ahead and broken it up into chapters for you.

For anyone with a Netflix account, you can log in right now and search for “The Hateful Eight.” And as first reported by /Film, there are now two versions of the film at your disposal. First, you have the shorter, 167-minute version that was released worldwide in theaters and eventually on home video and VOD. Nothing too special about that.

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However, right next to it, you’ll notice a listing for “The Hateful Eight: Extended Edition.” This is where things get interesting. The ‘Extended Edition’ is the version that Tarantino screened in 70mm during a very limited run around the film’s initial theatrical release. It’s almost 20 minutes longer than the standard cut, making it over three-hours in length. But don’t let that runtime freak you out. Because this version of ‘Hateful Eight’ is not really a movie. In fact, the way it’s listed, you’d think it’s a TV series.

Netflix has yet to comment as to why they’d release it this way, but honestly, it’s actually pretty genius. Tarantino has already put chapter breaks in the normal edition of the film, which makes splitting it up very simple. In fact, what’s left is 4 “episodes” that run approximately 50 minutes a piece. Hell, you probably binge more than that in one sitting most weekends, right?

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Perhaps, this is how Tarantino wanted it? He has yet to make a statement about the new release, as well. Either way, for fans of the filmmaker that missed the extended cut in theaters, and for those that just want an excuse to watch the film again, Netflix has you covered.

“The Hateful Eight: Extended Edition” is available on Netflix right now.