August is one of the more interesting movie months in the calendar year. At once, it’s a dumping ground for major studios to unpack their unwanted, potentially bad, films before kids go back to school. Simultaneously, it’s an opportunity for the smaller distributors to get a jump on awards season to release provocative efforts that would likely be edged out during the fall competition.

On this week’s episode of The Discourse – the show in which we discuss film and television reviews, occasional news, and any other pertinent pop culture items that we feel the need to weigh-in on – we choose to discuss the latter, ignoring the five(!) wide releases that came out this weekend because, well, none of them sounded all that interesting. Returning from last week is Robert Daniels (812Reviews, Mediaversity) to discuss two difficult, yet incredibly worthwhile films that are slowly expanding across the country throughout the month of August: Jennifer Kent‘s “The Nightingale” and Julius Onah‘s “Luce” (Note: We get into spoilers for each film, but the timestamps are in the show notes and we give plenty of warning in the episode itself).

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Looking ahead at the next couple episodes of The Discourse, we will be doing a Summer Movie Catch-Up/State of the Industry discussion next week with returning guest Jenny Nulf. The show will then be taking two weeks off as yours truly gears up for paternity leave, and then we will return on the weekend of September 6-8, with a discussion of the hotly-anticipated horror sequel, “It: Chapter 2.”

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