'Of Medicine and Miracles' Clip: Academy Award-Winner Ross Kauffman Follows The Story Of Cancer Pioneers & Survivors [Tribeca Exclusive]

This weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, Academy Award-winning documentarian Ross Kauffman (“Born Into Brothels”) debuts his newest documentary, “Of Medicine and Miracles,” to the world. The film tells parallel stories of an incredibly resilient child battling a rare form of leukemia and the researcher who pioneered her treatment.

The doc chronicles the monumental task of curing cancer, as seen through the harrowing experiences of one young girl, her family, and a doctor on a mission, but “Of Medicine and Miracles” is so much more than just a patient’s cancer journey. The film is an emotionally moving, anticipation-filled, and celebratory look at medical innovation. 

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Here’s the official synopsis:

In an era when scientific breakthroughs are championed by some and slandered by others, the newest documentary by Academy Award-winner Ross Kauffman (Born Into Brothels) offers a clear and celebratory look at the incredible power and promise of medical innovation. OF MEDICINE AND MIRACLES tells the story of a revolutionary new treatment for cancer and the healing journey of the first child it saved, weaving together the odysseys of two remarkable individuals: Dr. Carl June, the brilliant researcher who pioneered the use of altered T cells to treat disease, and Emily Whitehead, a deeply resilient child battling a rare form of leukemia.

Kauffman uses archival footage to give audiences an intimate first-hand account of Dr. June’s growth from physician to researcher as he vows to find a cure for cancer. Through this deeply personal story, Kauffman can comment on the American healthcare system, experimental cancer treatments, and the family’s love for their daughter.

Kauffman is known for his documentaries “Born Into Brothels,” “Tigerland,” and “E-TEAM.” Ahead of the world premiere of “Of Medicine and Miracles,” we’ve got an exclusive clip to debut that you can watch below. 

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