Dear Paul Thomas Anderson, please get an official Twitter account. Yesterday afternoon, the filmmaker continued his “Phantom Thread” promotional run with an absolutely terrific stint answering questions on Twitter through the film’s social media account. Both hilarious and illuminating, the whole thing is worth scrolling through, but we’ve got the highlight below.

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As you might expect from questions coming from all over the place on Twitter, they were pretty random and there was a lot of “tell us your favorite” type queries. But Anderson was game, showing as much love for auteurs as for blockbuster fare like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Paddington” (which should be the final endorsement you need if you’ve been holding out on seeing those movies). And oh yeah, he saved some special praise for “Call Me By Your Name.”

Here’s a roundup of some of his responses:

Thoughts on Warren Beatty‘s “Rules Don’t Apply“?

Favorite Mike Leigh movies:

Favorite Spencer Tracy movies:

Favorite Ryan Gosling performance:

Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio performance:

Favorite Alfonso Cuaron movie:

Favorite Will Ferrell movies:

Thoughts on Yorgos Lanthimos:

Favorite westerns:

Even PTA loves “Paddington“:

How did it feel to direct Daniel Day-Lewis in his final performance?

Would PTA work with Tom Cruise again?

Any more music videos on the horizon?

Jesus or Haim?

Favorite Daniel Day-Lewis performance?

Who shoots digital really well?

What does he think about Prestige TV?

Favorite Brian De Palma movie?

He’s pretty torn between Kylo Ren and Rey:

Favorite Jean-Luc Godard films?

Favorite Jonathan Demme movies?

Where’s he at with the new season of “Twin Peaks“?

Would he work with Adam Sandler again?

How do you make a great short film?

Favorite film of 2017?