Phoebe Waller-Bridge Says The Story Of 'Fleabag' "Is Complete" After Last Night's Emmy Wins

Much like “The Office,” Phoebe Waller-Bridge’sFleabag” will likely go down in history as a British TV series that ended well before its time. At least, in the eyes of fans. With only 12 episodes, you can seemingly binge the entire series of “Fleabag” in a day, and afterward, you’ll probably join the list of people desperate for more. Well, even with the critical acclaim and last night’s Emmy domination, it would appear that “Fleabag” is just going to exist forever in those dozen half-hour chunks.

After a night that included a Best Comedy Series, Best Writing, and Best Actress trophies, Waller-Bridge commented on the potential future of “Fleabag” (via Deadline), and she once again confirmed that the series is over. In fact, all that Emmys love just reinforced her decision to keep the book of “Fleabag” closed.

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“To be honest this feels like the most beautiful way to say goodbye to it actually,” she said. “It does feel like the story is complete. It is so nice to hear that so many people loved it, it’s like maybe she shouldn’t have waved goodbye at the end… but it feels like the right way to end it, to go out on a high.”

It’s not just fans that are desperate for more episodes of “Fleabag.” Recently, an executive at Amazon commented that she would love to see more of the series and is willing to jump at the opportunity if Waller-Bridge changes her mind. And the CEO of Netflix even said that “Fleabag” is the one series that he wishes he was able to land but failed to.

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But in an age of prequels, sequels, reboots, and revivals, there’s something foreign and, perhaps, respectable about a creator being okay with ending a series so soon. The last thing that any “Fleabag” fan would want is the quality of the series to plummet because Waller-Bridge starts to inspiration and only cares about a big paycheck. Even with that knowledge, you can’t help but imagine there are at least six more great episodes left, right?

Well, either way, the series’ creator/star/writer says that she hopes “Fleabag” has succeeded in telling a truly universal story. And if that’s the case, then the British series will live on forever, with more and more people discovering it each day.

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“There was so much that was political about it,” she said, “but it’s really about one person’s journey; it’s really about how hard it is for somebody that hates themselves to fall in love and hopefully that is relevant across all times.”

If you’re someone that has unfortunately been oblivious to Waller-Bridge’s masterpiece, all 12 episodes are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.