Podcast: Indie Beat Talks To Hye Yun Park

Another episode of Indie Beat is upon us! For this episode I spoke to filmmaker, actor, and performance artist Hye Yun Park.

In 2014 Park wrote and starred in the short “Sumi,” a film about two artists with unconventional day jobs. The movie, directed by Rachael Grace, went on to play the Cinequest Film Festival (among others) and now lives over at Seed and Spark. Soon after she decided to take the helm herself and, from the get-go, directly aim for the online audience — and thus the web series “Hey Yun” was born. The show ran for two seasons (watch here) and is a smart, funny, and achingly personal show that mixes social issues with witty, sometimes absurd humor. The success of this lead to a new gig at Super Deluxe, who produced and will premiere her new comedic series “BKPI” which centers on a trio of women who decide to become private investigators.

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I spoke to Hye Yun about her background, writing personal stories, perseverance despite little tastemaker support, and white guy bullshit.

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