Robert Pattinson & Margaret Qualley To Star In Claire Denis’ New Film For A24

Despite not being mentioned much during awards season, Claire Denis’ High Life” easily made it on our list of Best Films of 2019. And it appears that the filmmaker enjoyed her time with Robert Pattinson, who starred in the sci-fi thriller, because they are reteaming for her next feature, titled “The Stars At Noon.”

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According to Deadline, A24 has purchased the North American rights to distribute the upcoming Claire Denis film, “The Stars At Noon,” which will star Pattinson alongside up-and-coming actress Margaret Qualley. The film stars the two actors as a British businessman and American journalist, respectively, that strike up a torrid romance in 1984 Nicaragua. Things are going great until lies and conspiracies rock their relationship, forcing the duo to attempt to escape the country during a revolution, with only each other to rely on. The film is based on the novel by writer Denis Johnson.

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This isn’t the first time that A24 worked with Denis on a project, having distributed the aforementioned “High Life.” No release date is hinted at, but it will likely be some time, as Pattinson is knee-deep in the long shoot for Warner Bros’ upcoming superhero film, “The Batman.” In addition, Qualley has a number of projects on her plate, including the recently announced horror filmA Head Full of Ghosts,” from director Scott Cooper.

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Either way, even if it takes years to make, you better believe we’re excited about seeing Denis and Pattinson team up again. And adding Qualley to the mix makes for one of our most-anticipated titles of the next couple of years.