The Safdie Brothers Teaming With Nathan Fielder For A Comedy Series At Showtime

Sometimes a film or TV project comes together and you sit back and wonder, “Did the studio have me in mind when they approved this?” That’s the case with the upcoming Showtime series, “The Curse.” It appears that Showtime took a look inside my brain and decided to make a 30-minute comedy series based on my own interests, which include the Safdie Brothers, Nathan Fielder, and HGTV.

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According to Deadline, Showtime is developing a pilot for “The Curse,” which is co-created by the Safdies and Nathan Fielder. The show is also written by Fielder and Benny Safdie, starring both men. The premise is great—Fielder plays one half of a newly married couple that star in their own HGTV-type show “Flipanthropy.” Things begin to fall apart when the couple becomes cursed. Benny Safdie is reportedly set to play a producer for the HGTV-esque network.

If you read The Playlist, you know who the Safdie Brothers are. The filmmaking duo is responsible for recent films like “Good Time” and last year’s “Uncut Gems.” For my money, they’re a couple of the best American filmmakers working today, and the strength of their first few films is enough for me to blindly follow them into whatever project they work on next.

As for Fielder, he’s one of the most underrated comedic minds out there. His Comedy Central series, “Nathan for You,” might very well be the funniest show of the last decade, in my honest opinion. His brand of deadpan comedy, especially combined with a reality show framework is just perfect.

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Oh, and because I find myself flipping through the channels quite often on a Saturday morning, HGTV has turned into quite the guilty pleasure. We all have our vices, right?

No word on when we might see “The Curse” air on Showtime. Obviously, this is just a pilot order, so it could just fall apart. But let’s all make sure we pray to the TV gods extra hard tonight so that this project can see the light of day.