You didn’t really think that a ‘G.I. Joe’ spin-off film focused solely on the exploits of Snake Eyes would be a small, contained story that didn’t feature a million different characters, did you? Silly film fan! No matter what the title of the next film in the ‘G.I. Joe’ is, you better believe “Snake Eyes” is nothing more than just a veiled attempt to reboot the franchise. And this is exactly why the latest news has Samara Weaving joining the cast as the famous ‘Joe’ character, Scarlett.

The Wrap is reporting that Weaving has signed on to play Scarlett in the upcoming “Snake Eyes” film, joining the already announced Henry Golding, Andrew Koji, and Úrsula Corberó in the cast. For those not familiar with ‘Joe’ lore, Scarlett is a character that has red hair (natch) and uses a crossbow for her primary weapon against the evil forces of Cobra. In the original 2009 film, she was portrayed by Rachel Nichols. The character didn’t show up in that film’s eventual sequel, “GI Joe: Retaliation.”

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Weaving is probably best known for her roles in films and TV series such as the recently released “Ready or Not,” the acclaimed showtime series “SMILF,” and the Oscar-winning film, “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.” She’s broke out in the Netflix original horror film, “The Babysitter.”

“Snake Eyes,” as the title suggests, is said to focus on the title character and his origins in the Japanese martial arts clan, the Arashikage Clan. Golding is set to play Snake Eyes, with Koji playing Storm Shadow and Corberó set to play Baroness. Japanese actor Takehiro Hira has been signed to play the main villain of the film, but we’re unsure who that character might be.

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“Snake Eyes” is written by Evan Spiliotopoulos and directed by “Red” and “RIPD” helmer Robert Schwentke. The film is scheduled to be released on October 16, 2020.