'Snow Angels' Score Is Plaintive, Twinkly Electro-Acoustic Goodness To Start The Weekend

We’ve gone on many times about David Gordon Green, his newest film, “Snow Angels,” his go-to music composer David Wingo of the folky, indie group Ola Podrida, and Wingo’s new music partner Jeff McIlwain (aka electronic artist Lusine)

Wingo and McIlwain composed the electro-acoustic score to ‘Angels’ and it’s the perfect mix of plaintive, pensive guitars and twinkingly electronics that we’re a sucker for (and certain people call us wusses for liking, oh well).

Green has a great knack for selecting good music for his films and ‘Angels’ continues this trend featuring atmospheric tracks by A Silver Mt. Zion, Mono and an original song written specificallly for the film by Explosions in the Sky (all of the songs featured in “Snow Angels” are listed here). A track by the National, is also featured in the film’s trailer.

But it’s the original composers (Wingo and McIlwain) and their pastoral, ambient score that is getting its due on ‘disc’ (available digitally only).

So we culled together some tracks Snow Angels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for your weekend ears. Enjoy.