Sophie Turner Isn’t Sure What’s Going On With Future ‘X-Men’ Films But She’d “Kill To Go Back”

Not only does the release of “The New Mutants” remain clouded in mystery, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but so does the fate of Fox’s X-Men’ universe. While 2019’s “Dark Phoenix” seems to be the final time that the versions of the characters that began in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s first X-film will be seen on the big screen, the universe is still technically alive with “The New Mutants” looming. That means we still have no idea what the future might hold, especially with Marvel Studios now in control of the franchise.

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As seen in a new interview with Variety, the uncertainty surrounding the ‘X-Men’ franchise extends to Sophie Turner, who has been one of the stars of the most recent films in the series. But even with the uncertainty, the young actress is ready to suit up again. When asked about a potential future for the ‘X-Men’ universe and her place in it, Turner seems to know exactly as much as the rest of the world. That is to say, not much.

“I don’t even know what the deal is, whether Disney wants to continue on the ‘X-Men’ journey [or not],” said the actress. “But I’d always be down to go back to that character and that cast and that experience.”

She continued, “We had just the best time on those movies. I would kill to go back.”

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Now, you have to applaud the actress’ enthusiasm to return to the franchise, but it does seem almost 99.9999999% likely that her days as Jean Grey have come and gone. “Dark Phoenix” was not only a critical failure (the second in a row for the ‘X-Men’ franchise after ‘Apocalypse’), but it also is one of the worst-performing X-films at the box office. So, even without Marvel Studios gaining control of the characters, it’s unlikely that Fox would have even considered moving forward with that type of performance.

Alas, without a definitive word from Marvel, all we have is speculation. And with that in mind, Sophie Turner still has the dream of returning to the X-franchise. We’ll just have to wait and see if she really will have to kill someone to make it happen.