Sony To Release Extended ’Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version’ In Theaters On September 2

Following the massive success of the nostalgia-driven “Spider-Man: No Way Home”—$1.9 billion at the global box office, surpassing all previous ‘Spider-Man’ film outings even without playing in China—Sony is looking to swing Spidey back into theaters. Yesterday, the studio announced late last night via Twitter (see below) that “Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version” will hit theaters in the U.S. and Canada on September 2. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, August 9.

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This “new” extended ‘The More Fun Stuff Version’ cut will include new scenes, additional footage, and moments that couldn’t fit into the already two-hour and 28-minute ‘No Way Home.’ So one has to wonder, how long will this new version be, and could it inch closer to the three-hour mark? ‘The More Fun Stuff Version’ will likely include scenes that fans hoped would’ve been in the original release but maybe didn’t make the final cut, such as longer scenes with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), aka Daredevil, and the other Peter Parkers.

‘No Way Home’ already came seriously close to cracking the $2 billion mark—an unprecedented feat during a pandemic and without the help of China’s lucrative box office— so it’s very possible ‘The More Fun Stuff Version’ helps them crack that mark (though technically, it wouldn’t be counted towards ‘No Way Home’ since it’s a different film and different cut).

Interestingly enough, Sony also recently re-released Jared Leto’sMorbius” after a viral meme online convinced the studio that the anti-hero film deserved a second life following its disastrous original theatrical run. However, that didn’t go as planned, and the vampire pic face-planted once again.

Right now, it’s still unclear what exactly is happening with “Spider-Man 4 as all signs point to director Jon Watts being too busy for the foreseeable future with his Hollywood fixer film at Apple (George Clooney and Brad Pitt attached for roles). He is also committed to Lucasfilm’sStar Wars: Skeleton Crew” series led by Jude Law, and after exiting the director’s chair on Marvel’sFantastic Four” reboot, a lot of signs point to Watts being done with superheroes for the time being. So far, actor Tom Holland has yet to re-up his contract for the Spidey role even though there has been strong optimism from Sony’s Tom Rothman and franchise producer Amy Pascal that a fourth installment will eventually come together with him and Zendaya back in the fold.