Terrence Malick To Shoot New Film In Fall 2010 With Christian Bale, Javier Bardem & Rachel McAdams

Um, wow. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Terrence Malick has his next film lined up and ready to start shooting this fall. The director, known for his (massively long breaks between projects, is looking to shoot films pretty much back-to-back for the first time in his career.

Christian Bale (who had a role in Malick’s 2005 film, “The New World”) , Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams, and Olga Kurylenko are all on board for an untitled romantic drama that will start filming this autumn. Like other Malick projects, we think its safe to say that details will be scarce on this one for a while. Financing will come from foreign rights which will be up for grabs at the European Film Market in Berlin. We assume they’ll go like hotcakes.

We’re blown away by the news. This must mean Malick’s “Tree Of Life” is nearing the finish line and we assume will make a Cannes premiere and (most likely) get an early fall release date as previously speculated by Apparition. Oh yeah, there’s also “Voyage Of Time,” the IMAX doc that is a companion piece of sorts to “Tree Of Life” that will also see release soon. Parts of that will probably be weaved into “Tree of Life” and then the bigger picture will be the doc itself. Who knows when that hits theaters, but we would presume shortly after “Tree Of Life” eventually hits? It will be a must-see for Malick-completists, surely.

So are we going to be lucky enough to have two new Malick films this year and another one in 2011? We think the answer is an awesome, resounding YES.