'The Guest' Director Adam Wingard Interested In Making A Sequel

Director Adam Wingard (“Godzilla vs Kong“) and writer Simon Barrett’s “The Guest” starring Dan Stevens is easily one of the better modern attempts to recreate the tone of a 1980s action sci-fi hybrid film. “The Guest” certainly has DNA from filmmakers like John Carpenter, James Cameron, Paul Verhoeven, and Chuck Russell (“The Blob,” “Dream Warriors“) all mixed in to create something that harkens back to an era when major studios backed high concept R-rated genre projects.

The creative duo made the announcement last month on April Fool’s Day that they were releasing a soundtrack for “The Guest II,” a film that doesn’t exist. However, while speaking recently with Empire, Wingard has revealed that since then the two are “now talking” about developing a film/series sequel with Stevens down to return as well.

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“It’s really pushed me and Simon [Barrett, writer] into a creative headspace. We’re talking about [developing] a potential sequel as a real project,” the director says, adding that star Dan Stevens “would love to do it.” Not only that, but it could arrive in a different form to the first story. “Maybe the more interesting thing isn’t doing a sequel to ‘The Guest,’” he teases. “Maybe it’s doing a limited series, something we could really sink our teeth into.”

“It’s probably my favorite movie that I’ve made,” he says. “It feels like the one that I was able to project the most of myself into.” Fingers crossed, he’ll be able to project even more into a sequel – whether in cinemas or as a series.

Stevens’ character dies at the end of the first film, but then again, he’s a psychotic super-soldier and a surprise return all comes down to creative writing and taking lessons from the slasher genre.

Barrett also had the following to say on Twitter about the Empire quotes:

“This is true, I’ll admit the response to the soundtrack surprised me. I think we’ve finally landed on an idea that excites us and wouldn’t disappoint everyone, but it won’t be soon. Lots to work on first.”

Busy is right, Wingard is attached to make a ThunderCats” movie, a sequel to Jon Woo’s bonkers action pic Face/Off,” a feature film version of Robert Kirkman‘s comic book Hardcore,” and is said to be making yet another installment in Legendary‘s Monsterverse franchise after the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

If you’re curious what that music for the yet-to-be-made film sounds like, you can listen to one of the tracks Steve Moore created for “The Guest 2” soundtrack below.