Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year from The Discourse Podcast, the show where we discuss film news, reviews, and any other pertinent pop culture items that we feel the need to weigh in on.

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On our last episode of 2019, I’m joined by Oktay Ege Kozak (Paste Magazine, DVD Talk) to count down our Top 10 Films of 2019. If you’ve become a new listener of The Playlist Podcast Network this year (which, for one, thank you so much), Oktay and I used to co-host a show on this feed called Over/Under Movies, which we decided for various reasons should conclude, but easily our favorite episode every year was doing our five underrated or overlooked picks of the year. Given that I don’t have a regular co-host on this program by design – to have different voices and perspectives to discuss films week-to-week – this felt like a perfect opportunity to reunite for an episode because, well, let’s face it: people love list episodes. You’re lying if you say otherwise.

Speaking of not having a regular co-host, the last thing I want to mention before ringing in the new year is that I want to thank all of the new listeners who have helped grow this podcast over the last year, and I want to give a special thanks to all of the amazing guests who have come onto the show, taken the time out of their days to discuss films for an hour or two. This show would not exist without you.

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