Wes Anderson Reportedly Ready To Begin Prepping Yet Another New Film In December

Believe it or not, before “The French Dispatch,” it was seven years since we last saw a live-action Wes Anderson film debut in theaters, the previous one being 2014’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Sure, there was the stop-motion film, “Isle of Dogs” sandwiched in between, but seven years is quite a long time for the world to be waiting for the next live-action Wes Anderson delight. Well, thankfully for fans of the filmmaker, it doesn’t appear as if there’s going to be any sort of extended live-action drought in Anderson’s future.

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It’s already been reported for months now that Wes Anderson has been deep into production on his new film, tentatively titled “Asteroid City.” That film was in production in Spain and saw folks like Tom Hanks and Margot Robbie join the growing acting troupe of Wes Anderson regulars. But apparently, that film is already done with principal photography and is in the editing stage. And according to a recent report from journalist Will Mavity, it appears Anderson isn’t slowing down and is already set to go into production on his next-next film. 

In a tweet, Mavity revealed that he spoke to frequent Wes Anderson collaborator, cinematographer Robert Yeoman, and the DP revealed that he is reteaming with the director in December to begin prepping production for yet another new film. Yes, “French Dispatch” is barely a month old and we are already talking about the next two films coming from Wes Anderson.

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Obviously, we have no confirmation about what the project might be or who might be in it (easy money is on Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, of course), but it just shows you that Anderson is not interested in slowing down anytime soon and definitely doesn’t want another seven-year gap on his resume. 

With “Asteroid City” production already completed, that is assumed to be released in 2022. If production on the next-next film commences in early-2022, perhaps we could be seeing multiple Wes Anderson films next year or at least we’ll have back-to-back-to-back years with films from the director.