Zack Snyder Thinks The Black Superman Idea Is "Bold & Cool" But Says Henry Cavill Is "My Superman"

Even though the Snyder Cut of “Justice League” is in his rearview mirror and he’s about to see the release of the new Netflix zombie film, “Army of the Dead,” the specter of DC superheroes will always follow Zack Snyder. So, with the news that JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates crafting a new “Superman” film for Warner Bros., you had to expect someone to ask Snyder what he thought of the news.

According to The Radio Times, Snyder isn’t just excited by the prospect of Abrams and Coates taking over the “Superman” franchise, but he also thinks the news about the character being Black is “bold and cool.”

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“My feeling is that I love JJ [Abrams], I love what he’s done in the past,” said Snyder. “I’m interested to see what happens, it’s a bold and cool and probably long overdue move. But I love Henry [Cavill] as Superman, of course, I do. He’s my Superman.”

He added, “I’m not really involved in any of the decision-making at Warner Bros. in any way, so I guess for me, it’s just wait and see what they do with this and how it manifests itself. But on the surface, it seems interesting.”

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Snyder definitely isn’t lying about not being involved with the decision-making at WB. It’s been clear from what the folks in charge have said since “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” has been released that the filmmaker is no longer involved in any capacity regarding the future of DC Films. But it is nice to know that the filmmaker is giving the new direction of Coates and Abrams his well wishes. Clearly, Snyder has very specific ideas about what to do with Superman, which he showed in his three DC films. So, even though it looks like Cavill’s days in the cape are over, Snyder is still excited about the future of the character, especially with such a radical reinvention.

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Of course, we don’t really know much of anything about what Coates and Abrams are working on, except what has been speculated and reported. However, it’s already obvious that the duo are crafting a film that lives outside of the Snyderverse and is aiming to relaunch the Man of Steel for a new generation.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is available now on HBO Max, and “Army of the Dead” will arrive in theaters this week, followed by a Netflix debut on May 21.