Does A Cheesed Jon Favreau Get Heard? Is Marvel Putting Out Offer For Iron Man 2? Now Or Was It Always In The Cards?

Jon Favreau bitched and apparently Marvel listened.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the “Iron Man,” filmmaker was seemingly going to get dicked out of directing the sequel cause he was asking for too much money.

Keep in mind, “Iron Man” was Marvel’s first film production on their own and the wildly successful film surpassed all their expectations and has grossed more than $500 million worldwide so far. Shades of a little ingratitude to say the least.

Well, it appears as if Marvel and their apparently tightwad studio head David Maisel have heard Favreau’s public outcry.

AICN confirmed what broke, “David Maisel is penny pinching his own company into a malignant purplenurple,” Harry Knowles eloquently wrote.

But then Nikki “I Told You So, My Word Is Always The Final Say” Finke weighed in and said all the blogger drama was nonsense (we love to quell nonsense too, but Finke is admittedly kind of insufferable).

“David Maisel very recently put out an offer to Jon Favreau to direct the sequel and that the offer is ‘definitely’ richer than what the helmer received for the original. Even so, the negotiation has only just begun. So all that Internet blather about how Marvel doesn’t want to bring back Favreau because the studio is lowballing him is just b.s. As an insider told me, ‘”They’re not paying him the same wage. They’re definitely paying him a higher fee to direct this one. What, do people think Marvel is stupid? Of course, the movie was successful, so they’re offering him more.”

Either way, it appears if there’s movement out there, but would Favreau bitched so much publically if he had already been given an offer Ms. Finke? Favreau’s post just was written on Monday, was Maisel’s offer out hours shortly after? Why would Favreau say he hadn’t had contact with Marvel in five weeks if that were the case? Seems like a small window of time. We smell a deal on the table any second and possibly a bitchslap fight between Finke and IESB.