Indie Beat With Filmmaker Nick Hayes [Podcast]

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We spoke to filmmaker Nick Hayes, a director/producer/cinematographer based in Detroit, Michigan. While his day job is in the commercial world, his personal work has been focused on left-leaning activism. He’s done most of the video work for the podcast Street Fight Radio (a really fun show done by anarchist comedians Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby) and captured a number of demonstrations around the Detroit area (here is coverage of the Affordable Care Act repeal protest and here’s another centered around deportation).

He’s also done a number of music videos (a highlight being “Dirty Laundry” by the fantastic Chicago rapper Eshé Bhairavi) and a more traditional short documentary about the environmental dangers of road salt. Aside from video work, Hayes is building a streaming platform catered towards leftist entertainers.

Hayes and I chatted about politics, the desire to only consume apolitical content (and whether that even exists), how rational spending millions of dollars on making a movie is, and Wahlburgers. Plus more! Please give it a list, share it on your pages, and give us a “like” on Facebook!