Rob Zombie's "Halloween" Leaks Online; Director Shrugs

A early an unfinished workprint of Robert Zombie’s “Halloween” remake (sorry, reimagination) has leaked online and webizens are already downloading, reviewing it and moving on to the next free ride, but Zombie – a man of dubious taste, but consistenly excellent outlook – is taking it all in stride.

“I mean, it’s just the way things are,” Zombie told Vulture without a trace of peevery. “It’s a world of thievery,” he shugged.

Zombie told Time Out New York, that his film was basically a brand new deal. “Mine is essentially a retelling with so much new backstory that it becomes a whole other movie,” he said.

While Zombie’s gore, metal and freakzine aesthetics are usually in question, his soundtracks are usually pretty decent (“The Devil’s Rejectssoundtrack featured a bunch of excellent Terry Reid tracks plus Three Dog Night and Kitty Wells songs). A little late to the party, we forgot to mention the “Halloween” soundtrack which came out last Tuesday.

It’s tasteful mix of classic ’70s rock tracks includes cuts by Rush, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth, Bachman-Turner Overdrive (not to mention a typically ghoulish Misfits track, and two original Halloween cues from lauded horror composter Tyler Bates). Wait. What, no Black Sabbath, no Uriah Heep?

Halloween Tracklist
1. ‘These Are the Eyes’
2. Halloween 2007 – Tyler Bates
3. ‘Is the Boogieman Real?’
4. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
5. ‘Are You Saying Michael Did This?’
6. Love Hurts – Nazareth
7. ‘I Hope She Likes Cripples’
8. Baby, I Love Your Way (Live) – Peter Frampton
9. ‘A Taco Deluxe Supreme’
10. Tom Sawyer – Rush
11. ‘Driven By Pure Animal Instinct’
12. Let It Ride – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
13. ‘Trick Or Treat, Baby’
14. God Of Thunder – Kiss
15. ‘Satan’s Mother’
16. 1969 – Iggy Pop
17. ‘Talking About the Anti-Christ’
18. Only Women Bleed – Alice Cooper
19. ‘Needs To Get Laid’
20. Halloween II – The Misfits
21. ‘Was That the Boogieman?’
22. The Shape That Stalks Laurie – Tyler Bates
23. ‘The Scream’
24. Mr. Sandman – Nan Vernon

Watch: Rush – “Tom Sawyer”
Download: Kiss – “Strutter”
Download: Blue Oyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”

Update: Maybe the reason Rob Zombie is shrugging all this off is that he’s already signed a two-picture deal with Dimension films. Zombie’s next directorial effort is the upcoming animated pic “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto,” that features Paul Giamatti as the lead voice.