3 Essential Editing Techniques In 'Star Wars' Films

2019 is a weird year for “Star Wars,” perhaps even a transition year. The still-untitled “Star Wars: Episode IX” hits theaters in December, but unlike Marvel and DC or most studios with a major franchise, there are no “Star Wars” movies planned into the future. Instead, Lucasfilm seems to be pivoting to Disney+ and streaming shows like “The Mandalorian” and the untitled Cassian Andor show. And yet, still, “Star Wars hype is high and “Star Wars Celebration” later this month — where they will likely reveal the title of ‘Episode IX’ and probably the first teaser trailer — will undoubtedly create all sorts of new buzz and excitement for all kinds of Lucasfilm properties, films or otherwise. 

Basically, we’ve got “Star Wars” on the brain. And so, fittingly, a brief video essay, “3 Proven Film Editing Techniques From ‘Star Wars,'” has caught our eye. The minute-long video from Studio Binder breaks down some of the simplest but most effective editing tricks to craft a compelling scene. It’s a great intro lesson for beginning filmmakers, using a set of fantastic films as examples, or a useful reminder for the seasoned pros of just how key some truly fundamental cuts are.

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The three techniques the video lays out are: Eye contact, edit with passion, and pace your shots. Simple as they may be, as the video points out, they can be crucial to crafting a great scene, as every cut a director makes means something, and all those somethings add up to a movie. A prime example: Long takes emphasize emotion and inner conflict and short takes build tension.

So, vet, noobie or simply a fan, be sure to check out ‘3 Proven Film Editing Techniques’ above and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.