WB's New 'Superman' Film Reportedly Will Feature A Black Clark Kent & Could Be A Period Piece

When it was announced that JJ Abrams was set to produce a new “Superman” film with acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates set to pen the script, the reports said that the film would actually include a Black actor as the superhero. But without much more information, fans were a bit confused. Does this mean Henry Cavill would continue as Clark Kent and a new actor would take the role of Calvin Ellis, a Black character from the comics that is another version of Superman from the multiverse? Or is this new film going to be a full reboot? Well, according to THR, we are getting a better idea about what’s going on.

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The report claims that the “Superman” film that is being written by Coates and produced by Abrams is currently in the early stages of finding a director. And it appears that Warner Bros. is interested in finding a Black director for the film, with Abrams most likely sticking to his producer role. Who the studio might hire is still a question, but the hunt is on. However, what we do know is the film is likely going to be a full reboot of the character and will exist in its own universe.

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THR says the script that Coates is currently working on probably won’t be ready until the end of the year, but the plan, as of now, is to have “Superman” exist in its own universe, not connected to anything from the Snyderverse or even “The Batman.” In fact, the report claims the film might be a 20th Century period piece. But is this going to be a story about Kal-el, aka Clark Kent? The answer seems to be yes, as the script that Coates is crafting is said to feature the classic version of Superman, hailing from Krypton and coming to Earth.

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Honestly, this is definitely the way to go, as it means the “Superman” film that Coates is working on isn’t just about Black Superman. It’s Superman, just played by a Black actor. And it appears that WB isn’t interested in being beholden to what Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder did with the character in the past, which means Abrams and Coates can craft a story that isn’t shackled by continuity. It’s hard not to be optimistic about this.

Obviously, if the script isn’t going to be finished until the end of the year, filming won’t begin until well into 2022 at the earliest. So we’re still quite a ways away from seeing this new “Superman” film. But if WB does this right, we could be in store for something special.