A Very Tim Curry Halloween [Be Reel Podcast]

It’s Halloween week, and nobody embodies the committed costuming and eerie camp of the holiday quite like Tim Curry

This week on Be Reel, we celebrate and reappraise the British legend’s iconic games of dress-up: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975), “Legend” (1985), and “It” (1990). We also make a brief return to “Clue” manor (1985)

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Recorded deep in the Vermont woods, this episode also features Noah’s girlfriend, Lucy, and their mutual friend Brie, who have come prepared with Curry trivia and a genuine shakeup of the Be Reel rating system.

Through cult favorites that define the very term, mind-blowing flops, and sprawling TV epics, Curry is always the most electric thing on screen. Under untold mounds of make-up, he pops his consonants, makes a meal of his vowels, and bring a deep-seated pathos to even the hammiest of roles. 

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