Watch: Bilbo Crosses A Creepy Stream In Scene From Extended Cut Of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

The Hobbit: Desolation Of SmaugIf Peter Jackson were a DJ, he’d be the kind that releases extended 12" vinyl remixes. And as a director, he’s certainly shown his love for padding his movies with as much stuff as possible. Already released in extended editions, Jackson recently revealed that there’s even more material lying around for this original "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy that could be added on. And his love of inserting excised footage continues with his "The Hobbit" films. ‘An Unexpected Journey‘ got 13 minutes tacked on when it went to stores, and ‘Smaug’ nearly doubles that with 25. And now another peek from ‘Smaug’ has arrived, this time at the stuff Jackson just had to make sure saw the light of day.

This clip focuses on Bilbo and his band of adventurers crossing a spooky river or something — and that’s about it. It’s not exactly the most thrilling setpiece in the world — it’s nearly two minutes of Bilbo clinging to branches and making funny faces — and so it’s clear why with an already lengthy movie, this was dropped. But as to why it needs to be popped back in now, that’s something you’ll just have to ask Jackson. Watch below and pick up ‘Smaug’ on home video on November 4th, and set aside most of the day to watch it. [Yahoo]