Disney Wants More ‘Indiana Jones’ Films, But 'Star Wars' Franchise Comes First

Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
You’ll recall that when Disney bought LucasFilm they not only acquired the rights to the “Star Wars” series, but also to George Lucas’ Indiana Jones” franchise. The presumed idea was more “Indiana Jones” movies, and probably at least one more with Harrison Ford in the lead. The last rumors booted around the possibility of a reboot with a younger actor like Bradley Cooper in the lead, which was quickly denied by ‘Indy’ writer Frank Darabont (“This is an internet rumor with not a shred of truth in it,” he said.)

OK, fine, fair enough. So what’s the status now? Disney honcho Bob Iger spoke to Variety today and told a group of trade reporters, “We’d love to make another Indiana Jones movie but we’re pacing ourselves right now.” The idea is that “Star Wars” is first (naturally) and that ‘Indy’ will come in good time.

Ok, but Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger, and while he is in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” no one expects the character of Han Solo to live forever (don’t be surprised if they raise stakes by killing him off finally). So reboot? No one is saying, but Latino Review— who broke the original rumored/denied story of an ‘Indiana Jones’ reboot, insists that a do-over with a younger actor is still the plan. That’s your brief “Indiana Jones” brief for the day. As you were.