Warner Bros. Acquires Pitch For 3D WWII Epic 'The Battle Of Midway'

So can this officially be called the first prestige picture in 3D? It sure looks like it as Warner Bros. as acquired a pitch for “The Battle Of Midway” that will be written by Bruce C. McKenna who also happens to be the producer/writer of the recent Emmy winner Oustanding Miniseries “The Pacific.”

The film will certainly be epic. Budgeted at around $200 million and planning for a 3D shoot, the film will cover the events of June 4-6, 1942, one of the most important naval battles and turning points of the war.

The film will produced under Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road shingle and Warner Bros. is hoping the film falls somewhere between “Pearl Harbor” and “Saving Private Ryan.” The project is being fast-tracked with McKenna being expected to finish the script in eight weeks, after which, it will presumably go out to directors and actors. Our guess is that Warner Bros. will want to have it ready for the 60th anniversary of the battle in 2012. [Deadline]